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AR & Jill [SDE]
January 15, 2017 by joeyalaiza 

AR & Jill [SDE] from Joey Alaiza on Vimeo.   “See you at the altar in front of our Lord...

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Features Films Weddings 
Nino & KC [the wedding highlights]
December 15, 2016 by joeyalaiza 

Nino & KC [the wedding highlights] from Joey Alaiza on Vimeo. “…You will be true believers...

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Features Films Weddings 
Andre & Jasmine [Wedding Highlights]
November 11, 2016 by joeyalaiza 

Andre & Jasmine [Wedding Highlights] from Joey Alaiza on Vimeo.   Being someone’s first...

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Throwback: 2 original songs

Music has always been my passion, i’ve been playing instruments for years but songwriting is a different story. I can only do it when i feel really down. When i got depressed almost 5 years ago, my only outlet is to play music. I was able to write 3 songs, today i’m sharing 2 of them.

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Bib & Meh [The Wedding Films]

“In Sickness and in health”, that was our couple’s first test as husband and wife. Our bride Meh was sick but had to proceed with the wedding. Look at Joey Alaiza’s final wedding films.

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One of my favorite model i ever worked with.

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